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12 month temp permission on cafe/bar opening hours

Martyn Green

Recommended Posts original planning application for cafe and a bar combined..(I.e to operate as a cafe in day and a drinking establishment bar in evening ) in a residential area was granted but restricted opening hours til 8pm..submitted variation to open til 11pm but following resident objections  reduced to 10pm..council want to grant with 12 month temp permission to see how it goes!..premises licence not yet applied to spend £100k..are council being reasonable?..I don't think so..comments please..thanks 

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@Martyn Green bit hard to answer without seeing the application - but it might be harder to revert to 11pm if you have already agreed to 10pm.

Sometimes we find that a temporary permission is better than nothing. I would however try and get this period extended, pointing out that you would need to reapply in just 6 months time to have this extended for good, to allow for time to process the application. 

Therefore might ask for 2 or 3 years etc.

I would also get the licence looked as they might have their own objections. 

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