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  1. original planning application for cafe and a bar combined..(I.e to operate as a cafe in day and a drinking establishment bar in evening ) in a residential area was granted but restricted opening hours til 8pm..submitted variation to open til 11pm but following resident objections reduced to 10pm..council want to grant with 12 month temp permission to see how it goes!..premises licence not yet applied to spend £100k..are council being reasonable?..I don't think so..comments please..thanks
  2. Yes...but...the planning authority have restricted my opening hours to 8pm each evening because I want to be a cafe BAR...surely the alcohol licencing team will not approve any hours beyond 8pm if the planning authority have already put their restriction in place??
  3. Hi..I own a retail shop in a residential village..I want to turn shop into a cafe/bar and have submitted and received approval subject to customers leaving premises by 8pm mon to sat and 6pm Sunday for noise reasons.. but if I just open it as a cafe via permitted dev rights I believe I would have unrestricted opening hours..surely I could be a cafe serving alcohol all day until 11pm with the alcohol licencing committee being the ones restricting hours due to alcohol..hope this makes I try and vary the hours condition or ignore it and stay in class E as a cafe but apply to serve alcohol till ,say,11pm..this seems a grey area... Thanks
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