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Right of way

Emma brown

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Could you help with the below questions please.
Can you explain this easement to me please:
The right to use and enjoy services in along and through service connections together with the right to enter to upkeep and maintenence.
It also says the right of way on foot only. At all times.
Next door tenants run a garden business and go through my tenants garden with lawnmowers ladders blah blah blah about ten times a day. And another ten times a day for other reasons. They have sub let rooms so it's like piccadilly circus and they are always leaving door open.
Are they allowed to ride or push a motorbike, pushbike, wheelbarrow, lawnmower along on foot at all times access.
They have been driving a motorbike down it for past few months.
Landlords next door threatening to sue me if I stop them. Which I haven't tried to but she got it in there first anyway.
I'd really appreciate help or some direction.
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