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1 Bed -> 2 Bed Flat Conversion: Freeholder Consent


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Hi all.

I have a question I wanted help on... I am close to making an offer on a 1 bed, 1st floor, ex local authority flat in South London with the view of reconfiguring to a 2 bed.

The plan is to move the kitchen into the living room area to create open plan living space and use the existing kitchen space as a bedroom (the kitchen is >8sqm and has a window).

I am not looking to move any walls, may have to move the boiler which is currently in the kitchen, maybe not. Has anyone undertaken such a project with their local caouncils and willing to share their experience, things to do/avoid? The process apparently will take 8 weeks, which is a long time of waiting without doing any works or if I am using bridging finance to purchase.

Seems like a chicken and egg situation, do I buy then wait until I get consent, or do the application spend the money and then possibly miss out on the sale? Any help would be much appreciated.



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