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Erecting boundary fencing/planting hedgerow Agricultural Land in National Landscape

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Hi everyone.

I am new to the forum. I can see myself spending a fair bit of time on Planning Geek site going forwards!!

We purchased a plot of Land in January 2024. 0.311 hectare/0. 768 acre Agricultural Land in National Landscape. 

I have so far been provided with two conflicting pieces of guidance.

The local council planning office called me in response to my enquiry. Signposted me to the planning portal and whilst checking it themselves said 'there was no restrictions to erecting fencing' providing I followed the guidance. 2metre rule etc.

The response from the National Landscape planning office was that I would be 'subdividing the land' and this is opposed in terms of protecting open landscape. That it would be problematic. There recommendation to submit a PPA.

To submit a PPA at this stage, at such a high cost simply to get a definite response to question 'can I erect fencing?' just seems ridiculous.

Can anyone add more clarity to this?

We want to fence the land in to initially use it for agricultural use. Grazing of lifestock. This will require a boundary fence. We will also require a unit to store machinery/equipment and grain. We will require water connection for water troughs. 

Whilst I understand I may require planning permission for the shelter/storage unit, digging and laying of pipes as the land is under the size requirements for permitted planning in relation to Town and Country planning Act [which I will be approaching Ian for]

The fencing response should take a simpler route?



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  • Administrators

Fencing comes under Part 2 of the GPDO - no real limits unless rights have been removed via an Article 4 or previous planning decision.

Depending upon the agricultural unit size, you may need planning or PD for the other items. 

Please feel free to reach out to us if you need any further assistance.


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