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Prior Approval Response

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I've put in a prior approval request for a temporary campsite due to it being in Flood zone 2, flood risk assessment and site plan included. I've had a quick reply (🤯) from the planning authority and all it says is 

'Local Planning Authority (LPA) has no comments to make in respect of the proposed works and the

information has been added to the LPA's records.' 

It doesn't explicitly say approved, conditions discharged, consent obtained or anything to that effect so... Am I good to go? Or is this an initial acknowledgement formality and they could come back within 56 days with some kind of decision? 

Thanks for any help you can give

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Did it get validated and put onto the local authority portal?

I would have to say that this has not yet been given prior approval.

However, if you do not get any further communication you can go ahead after 56 days as per the legislation in Class BC.3(5)(b)


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