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Council is not being helpful

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Since the beginning of my planning permission and the discharge of conditions, I have felt that the council has been unnecessarily delaying proceedings. Despite my best efforts to comply with all requests and provide all necessary information promptly, the process has been fraught with obstacles and delays. This has led to a process that should have taken three months extending over two years, causing considerable financial and emotional strain.
The stress of this situation has undoubtedly contributed to my wifes very serious health deterioration. I am also feeling the effects of this prolonged stress.
The council’s requests, in my view, have been excessive and unclear. For instance, despite the plot of land in question having no history of industrial usage, the council rejected our initial ground study and requested further, time-consuming studies. 
After months of waiting and being informed that the preconditions would be discharged upon receiving the Unilateral Undertaking, we have encountered unexpected delays and requirements once they have received the UU. The council’s solicitors, whom we engaged at our expense, have recently communicated new stipulations that were not previously mentioned - as my solicitor has pointed out he below the council is saying that:
  1. They do not accept electronic signatures, which is surprising as electronic signatures (especially DocuSign) are standard throughout the industry as my Solicitor has stated.
  2. They require both us and Accord to physically sign the same document, which then needs to be posted to Dacorum for their signature. This was never mentioned before to my Solicitor, and it is generally understood that legal documents are executed in counterpart (i.e., each party can sign their own document).
  3. Due to the half-term holiday, Dacorum’s next ‘sealing’ date is Wednesday, 5 June and I am sure they are no doubt planning further delays.
My solicitor is unsure why none of the above was mentioned to her previously. I am seeking your advice in understanding why these delays and obstacles are occurring. Is it normal and why is the council allowed to get away with this? I have spent 10s of £1000s of £ and they are just delaying the discharge by any means neccesary!!!!! I want to know what i can do to expedite it and what i can do to take action against my council for being so unreasonable?
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