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Shepherds Hut idea....

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Hi folks,

Great site. A valuable resource amid the bureaucratic fog of planning law.

We currently live in a house that is shared between us and other family members. (We own the house jointly also). The garden is large and so we're thinking of building a shepherds hut to provide primary accommodation for myself and my wife. The shepherds hut would have: Bed, Bathroom a lounge-like area and a small kitchenette. The kitchenette would comprise of a sink, small worktop, some kitchen type storage units and a fridge. No cooker.

We would be reliant on the main house for cooking in its Kitchen. We would also be reliant on the house for the washing machine.

Would this setup require planning permission or should it be considered permitted (without application) under the Caravan Act?

Thanks very much in advance for your observations

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If it falls within the description of a caravan (as defined by the Caravan Act 1968) then its siting within the curtilage of a dwelling and used for ancillary accommodation then it shouldn't need planning permission.

Whether the kitchenette pushes it over from ancillary, I am not sure. 

The lack of washing machine wouldn't affect the definition as it isn't required for living. 

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