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Outline planning objection


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If a previous large development planning application was submitted and in the approved decision one of the conditions was that a house was not to be built on a certain strip of land can they then later submit a separate application to build on it even though it was a condition to them obtaining previous approval?

Also, when objecting to planning what are the main points you should discuss? Does the 45 degree right to light rule apply for an adjacent detached new build and would the entrance need to be 10m from a junction if it uses an old (not used for decades) field entrance?

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It does sound like a breach of the condition. They could submit a S73 to remove that condition. This would create a new planning permission without the condition. The original one would remain. 

However, it is possible to give permission for the new dwelling if the local authority had not checked previous planning correctly. 

If this is a current application, anyone objecting might wish to alert the planning officer via email of the issue. 

As to reasons for objecting online, one would detail all the issues affecting neighbours. 


Examples of VALID Planning Grounds 

  • Contrary to Development Plan (Structure Plan or Local Plan)
  • Appearance (design, materials etc)
  • Traffic, parking or access problems
  • Residential amenity (noise, overshadowing, overlooking)
  • Drainage problems
  • Effect on setting of Listed Building or character of Conservation Area

Examples of INVALID Planning Grounds

  • Devaluation of property
  • Loss of view
  • Possibility of future problems (eg use of property)
  • Hours of Work and damage during construction
  • Business issues relating to the applicant
  • Possible fire hazard
  • Contended legal rights e.g. ownership
  • Errors of notification
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