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Tiny homes in curtilage

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I'm moving to a piece of land to renovate the derelict bungalow on site. I've a few questions I'm struggling to find the correct planning regs for. 

1. What legislation defines what temporary dwellings you can live in within the curtilage whilst you do this? 

2. I'm looking at buying a tiny home and I know that for it to class as a caravan it needs to have an internal height of 3.05m or less. I'm unclear if I need it to class as a caravan, as per question above. 

3. If I do need it to class as a caravan. One of the ones I'm looking at has an internal height of 3.49m... can I just fill in the apex of the roof to make the internal height less?? 

4. I'm also aware that different planning offices interpret the legislation differently. What is the best way of finding out how the local office interprets things? 


Thank you so much 🙏


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