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how to find out about land you own and which class it is in?

jala cronin

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Hello all 🙂

i have just had a full planning application ground to a halt as cornwall council say that the land, which is currently a garden and i want to put a 4mx4m cabin on it ( potential for holiday let) say that it is not residential land? if this is true, how do i find out what class it is in and which is better lawfulness certificate? or change of land application? thanks people!


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  • Administrators

It is likely to be either part of the curtilage, garden land or agricultural land. 

A bit more information on these can be found on this page

However in order to really be able to advise one would need to check the site out. 

You might need a change of use to say garden land, unless you have proof for the last 10 years that it has been used as part of the garden. If you can prove it, then you can apply for a certificate of lawfulness. 

We can assist you with that. 

If you would like any further assistance, please contact us

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