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Ad hoc / informal pitching a tent (camping) on non residential land

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Once the Class B Permitted Development for camping expires in July will there be any mechanism for a landowner (or other individual) to pitch a tent in a field without contravening planning law if prior notice is not given to the Local Authority (under the new Class BC) and the site is not licenced or covered by an exemption organisation.

As far as I can see once the 28 day period exemption is removed (which does not require any notice or any oversight) there is no longer any mechanism for any low scale / incidental camping (regardless of payment).  As I understand a landowner would not legally be able to consent to an individual to stay in the corner of his field, nor would the landowner himself be able to camp on the land.

Have I missed something ?

Seems that by increasing the period to 60 days (which is good for organised events) but no longer providing a mechanism for any small scale / incidental camping, any unregulated camping in the countryside has been outlawed.  Was this an unintended consequence of the forthcoming changes.  Seems very overbearing and bureaucratic and a significant reduction of individuals rights and liberties.

If anybody can tell me I've got the wrong end of the stick I'll be pleased to hear.


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I think you have summed it up well.

I am quite sure however it will still happen, and Local Authorities will simply tell them that they will need to register etc. 

Either that, or you hold a small scale festival under Class B

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