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Selling a property with an outbuilding that exceeds permitted size

Anton Craic

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I recently inherited my parent's home in London and am about to put it up for sale. 

There might be an issue because there is an outbuilding at the end of the garden which exceeds the permitted size being 7m x 5m

which overshoots the limit by 5 meters. I know my father had a builder extend an existing garage some 30 years ago without getting planning permission.

I seem to remember there was a garage with a lean-to previously which was merged into one building. 

My question is, will this building need to be modified (i.e. reduced by some means to meet the allowed size), or will the fact that it has

been standing without any official complaint for 30 years be taken into consideration? 

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There isn't any limit as such. 

You might have read about building control. 

Even if there was a limit, which doesn't exist, you are well beyond enforcement. You can safely ignore any issues. 

For outbuildings, please see this page 

Should there be any issues, you can apply for a certificate of lawfulness. Please see this form if you need any help with that. 

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