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Secure storage options for bare land

Rosi Wills

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What can you use for secure storage on a piece of land with no buildings on it? 

I'm looking at a piece of land under 5 hectares, not in AONB, SSSI, National Park etc and I'd be living off site. I'd want to have a shed or shipping container or similar to keep tools etc there and be able to lock up and leave whilst not there. I've found that there's no permitted development unless in the curtilage of a dwelling which obviously doesn't apply. The land is overlooked so no chance of just putting something in and hoping nobody notices. 

What are my options? Are temporary structures allowed without needing to be moved off the land periodically (I wouldn't have anywhere else to put it in the meantime) and are there size constraints? Will full planning permission be necessary? Or is there something else in between that could apply? 

Thanks in advance 



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Whilst you could have it there for 28 days without planning over the course of a year, this would not be viable. 

Therefore full planning permission would be required. 

Hard to say whether you would get planning. Local authorities are loathe to allow structures in random fields without some relevance to the land. 

We can assist you with that planning if required. 

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