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Formalising boundary change at land registry or return the status quo?

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Hi Everyone

I own two adjacent detached houses sharing a common driveway between them that gives access to the garages and gardens at the rear. We lived in one, "house A", for many years then got the opportunity to buy next door "house B" as a long term BTL investment. I took the opportunity to "retain" the single garage and associated access from "house B" and incorporate it into my residential property at "house A" for my own use, rejigging the fencing and access gates accordingly. Some years later, we moved out and rented "house A", still including the "adopted " garage.

The long term tenant of "house B" has handed in notice and we now wish to sell the property. I believe we have two options, either, (a) return the situation and the garage and associated boundaries to as it was, or (b) formalise the adoption of the garage with the Land Registry etc prior to the sale, leaving "house B" with off-road parking for 2 vehicles but no garage. There is quite a lot of work and costs involved in doing option (a) which I can estimate, but what is involved in doing option (b), how long might it take and what might it cost please? I have discussed retaining the garage with the remaining tenant in "house A" and they are not really bothered either way.

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You would need a solicitor to submit the changes in plans to land registry.

However please be aware that such action might cause an issue with anyone who has an interest in the property such as lenders if their interest is devalued.

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