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28 Days rule on same land, but different activities

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Hi there

I have a friend who owns his own land and is currently using it under the 28 days rule for his activities. He said i can use 4 acres of his land, to run my activities.

First off both activities are entirely different and you can disguise this.

second the land isn't the same piece of land and a separate piece of land, albeit they are just a short distance away from each other, i will put mine tape up to create a boundary.

My Main Question, can we both run our activities and have 28 days each? Each activity is ran on different weekends too. 

ANY Help would be most appreciated, Thanks In Advance 

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  • Administrators

If this is a separate piece of land then you may be okay.

Please note however that all items must be removed from the land between each use. 

I am not aware of any definition as to the extent of each parcel of land. Class B is silent on this.

Note that local authorities might consider it as being once per planning unit - if that is the case then this might be assessed to being once within say a farm or land that is owned / controlled by the same person or body.

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