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Planning nightmare

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We built a single-storey rear extension, and just before the build, decided to make it 30cm longer than what was in the planning permission. Our planning consultant said this would be fine, and we naively believed them. Now, we've come to realise this was poor advice, and we're seeking to 'regularise' the situation. But how?

I should also mention:

  • the roof was also changed from hipped to apex after the planning permission was granted, and 2 roof windows added (which don't overlook anything/anyone). But the height and angle of the roof stayed the same. (Again, our planner said this was fine!)
  • in the original permission, the planning officer said the extension came under PD

Any help much appreciated, as I'm feeling extremely anxious about it.

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The advise you got was wrong - you might have a claim against their PI insurance if you have issues that cost you money. 

it goes beyond poor advice IMHO - makes me angry!

Anyway, first of all I would check to see if it complies with Class A of Part 1 for rear extensions. if it does you might be able to relax.

If it doesn't then you need to take further steps to regularise the extension.

As I do not know any details, it might be better to book a session via Zoom with me - that way I can look at the planning and give you the correct advise. 

if we need to submit a planning application for you, then we will deduct the price of the Zoom session - I do not like people paying twice. 


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