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CIL questions on new build

Rachel B

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First question: I'm aware that sub-dividing a detached house is not liable for CIL. I am currently buying a detached house with the intention of applying for PP to build a semi detached house on the side. At the time of building the houses will be on the same title, and the title won't be split until much later when works are finished and the houses sold on. I'm assuming the new house will be liable for CIL, but though it a good idea to check whether this would come under the sub-division rule? The house currently has PP in place for a large extension of the same size, shape and location as the semi I'd like to build but work hasn't started yet. 

Secondly, we would like to build loft rooms in the new house. They don't require dormers. Without them the new house is under 100m2. If we don't build the stairs until after the house is finished,  but add them in later (so no planning permission or PD required), would this break any rules? How long would we need to leave after completing?

Thanks. :-)

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Building a new dwelling will be subject to CIL as you are also increasing square meterage. 

You would need to complete the build in accordance with the approved plans.

Whilst time is not defined, I would certainly keep evidence to say that you did comply with the planning, before then making changes. 

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Thank you.

A couple more questions please. A new dwelling under 100m2 is still liable, am I correct? Or only over 100m2? And if over, is it all the whole dwelling once it goes over or just the portion over 100m2?  

I'm also a bit confused about the in-use building exemption. I am retaining 100 m2, but then adding a further 96 m2 (so retaining a house and adding another house). The guidance states demolished or retained existing buildings are taken into account but is very unclear. When it states 'retained' does this mean for the sake of conversion, not retained as a dwelling and then added onto?


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Any new dwelling is liable when creating new floor space.

So a house in the garden for example is liable.

This is for all the floorspace of the new dwelling.

You would get an allowance against any demolished property - but I do not believe you are demolishing here. 

From the original message above, all the new house would be liable for CIL.

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