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PD rights with planning already approved?

Rachel B

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I'm buying a house that has a planning application approved for a large two storey side extension. I don't want to build the proposed extension as its too expensive, but instead just want to do a normal 3m single storey rear extension and loft conversion that would both come under PD. Can I still build the PD loft and rear extension even though there is a planning application and will it still get a CLD? And if I do, will the approved planning still be valid for the future if we did decide to also build the proposed side extension at a later date?

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Yes you can.

Each extension is unique in itself. 

If the full planning had any conditions attached, these would not take effect until you build the extension in the planning. Even if this removed other PD rights.

You might also be able to build a single storey side extension as well under PD. In other words the planning doesn't remove any PD rights unless an earlier decision notice did or an Article 4  or may you are in a conservation area etc.

Just make a note of the dates in the decision notice, as it will more than likely have a start by date. You must make the planning extant by this date in order to keep the planning live.  

If you need any help with a certificate of lawfulness, please contact us. 

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