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Garage in flood zone 3b

Mike Pope

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I want to build a residential garage in garden in front of my house and I live in flood zone 3b. 
We were given the information by our local planning that is the same as on the site:


I’ve been advised by planning that a garage might be allowed if it’s water compatible building but the guidance doesn’t seem to cover household builds?

any help gratefully received. 


Mike Pope




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As nobody is residing there, I don't see a massive impact from the flood zone. 

You will need a flood risk assessment to support your application. 

You could of course have a garage to the side or rear of the house and this would (I assume) still be in the flood zone. That would be under permitted development. 

As a result the only difference is that it is forward of the principal elevation and so requires planning. 

If you need any further assistance with this application, please reach out to us via

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