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Social Club F2 Class?

Katharine Woods

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Does anyone have experience obtaining planning from what we believe is F2 Class to residential? The club is vacant and has been for a long time. It is no longer sustainable as a private club. There is also a 4-bed flat within the building, if that helps our case. I am of the understanding that the property would be F2. Thank you in advance🙂

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  • Administrators

It would require full planning permission. 

You are also likely to require a viability report as to the loss of a social club. 

BTW this is likely to be sui generis as opposed to F2. But either way the process will be the same. 

If you need any further assistance with this opportunity, please complete our fee proposal form and we will be pleased to assist. 

The flat is likely to be sui generis as well if ancillary to the main use. 

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