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Equestrian barn conversion

Pippa Wagstaff

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We have a small house on a 6 acre property on which we keep breeding mares and sheep. Cutting a very long story short, my structually sound stables were converted into a stud farm office/tack room a couple of years ago (without planning permission) and then due to serious damp issues in the main house, my son moved himself into the upgraded farm office. Nimby neighbours complained and we submitted a restrospective application for mixed office/equestrian/residential space.  The application was rejected and we received an enforcement notice for removal of all domestic paraphanalia etc which we will comply with. In the rejection letter the planners indicated that office/tack room use was likely to be approved but not the residential use. My son would like to move back into the barn as soon as possible but my question is do I make a few changes and re-submit for office use and then convert to residential later (how much later?), or do I wait for the changes to Class Q that are expected in 2024. Will the historic short term use as a farm office/equestrian tack room/residential etc be likely to preclude the use of Equestrian Class Q in the future even if it does change? Am I better to go for commercial use and then apply for the change? 

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I would probably go with the change of use to equestrian first. Then maybe a period later try for full planning for part residential. 

You might not get the residential then and might need to appeal. But it is always never going to be easy. 

Not sure if you would be able to get residential on the barn via PD as even if expanded to equestrian the use as part residential might have rulled the building out. 

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