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Caravan in garden

Belinda Howard

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Thank you all for your kind responses it is clear that you are all extremely knowledgeable on this subject may I therefor ask a few more questions?

Is there any limit in law to the number of caravans allowed with in the curtilage of a house (garden area)?

I have an old touring caravan with in the curtilage of my house that is used to store garden tools etc. it is past its sell by date, would it be possible to rebuild it using timber on the original chassis so that it is the same size and movable or would the council class that as a building operation and say it is no longer a caravan?

Thank you


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Do you have Class E rights?

You might find it easier to simply have an outbuilding - unless there is a reason why you want a caravan?

If the caravan was in the front garden or elsewhere then providing it was exempt under the Caravan Act 1960 you ought to be fine. 


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