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Caravan in field

Belinda Howard

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 We have a mobile home in an agricultural field joining our new house it was used during the build, the council confirmed that it did not require permission as it is a caravan. We added an extension that changed the caravan in to a building and the council served an enforcement notice on it, so we removed the extension changing it back to the original caravan. It is now used to store our agricultural equipment for our smallholding. The notice stated remove the building but it is now a caravan. Have we done anything unlawful as we do no want to end up in court, I realise that this is a very complicated question that may well have not been asked before so any advice would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks


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  • Administrators

Hard to be sure without knowing the site, but if you have removed the static part you might be okay. 

If you have complied with the enforcement, then they will not take any further action unless they inform you first. Providing you replied to the original email. 

More on enforcement at this link

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