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Class Q Approval a)&b) and structural work


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Hi Ian,

I have full Class Q approval on a timber barn conversion. However the structure now requires strengthening to support a new roof with solar panels(which planners noted it needs). Can I just go ahead and do this under Building Regs without reverting to the LPA if I stick rigidly to the existing building envelope profile and barn aesthetic? (They have given permission for new walls to enclose space where none exist for part of the building so they seem to be open minded).

I attended your online seminar (fantastic & informative!) and noted that different LPA's interpret the rules differently; I'm cautious about opening a can of worms and probably prefer not to go back to the planning authority if I don't need to. What do you think?

Thanks Ian

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I would agree with not contacting the local authority unless you have to!

What you will not be able to do is to construct outside of the barn envelope.

Did you obtain separate planning for the solar panels?

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Thank you Ian, I value your views.

No separate approval for solar panels. Permission is to replace existing ply/asphalt roof (was once asbestos) with profiled metal & insulated. (Might do this as SIPS?)

LPA has't asked for a structural report which is noteworthy. Planning Conditions relate to soil contamination tests, drainage, bin store & parking. Nothing in relation to the building.

Plans & proposed new elevation designs approved. Existing 4 outer walls of fairly weak horizontal timber cladding, and permission is for new vertical cladding of enhanced quality, all around, ergo replacement, to upgrade to residential standards supporting the barn aesthetic.

There's no proposal to construct outside the existing ridge line/envelope at all.



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