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Class Q Planning permission application with wind turbine close by.

Adam Grantham

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Hi all,

I'm potentially looking into buying some land with a barn on that currently has no planning permission on. I am thinking and want to look into getting Class Q planning on the barn but there is a wind turbine in the next field along. Would this affect the planning application? 


The current owner put in a planning application but pulled out as they thought it wouldn't be accepted due to the reason above but was actually confirmed as they pulled out. 


Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated


Many Thanks 


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  • Administrators

If the barn hasn't been used solely for agriculture that might disqualify the barn.

Without knowing the setting it is hard to say, whether the wind turbine would affect the dwelling. 

Personally I would not have withdrawn and allowed the process to establish the facts. 

If you would like any assistance, please let us know via this form.


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