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Planning application refused

Melanie Butler

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I'm interested in a plot of land for sale. The person who has this for sale put in a planning application to turn one of the outbuildings into residential and was refused. The land is being advertised as predominantly grade 3 agricultural / Pasture land and is being used for equestrian purposes. The outbuilding in question is a barn that back in 2002 had permission to convert it into stables and a hay loft/tractor store but was never converted. Would there be a possibility of getting class Q for this? It is on a grade 3 flood area? Also, how do I find out what the land is classed as? TIA Melanie

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If the land is equestrian, then the barn would not qualify at this time. 

If the land never had permission to be equestrian, then it might stil be agricultural. 

The issue however is that even if it was, I suspect that the barn has been used for non agricultural purposes and therefore that also rules it out for now. 

I have said for now above, as we may see a change in legislation that could well bring the barn into contention. 

This news item details my thoughts on what might happen. 

As for timescale, I now think it could be spring time. 

Unless you have other uses for the land, I wouldn't buy now. However you could start the process to purchase but delay it until we know what is happening. 

What I wouldn't advise is telling the agent or the vendor about any potential changes. 

If and when the time comes, we would be happy to assist you with the application. 

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36 minutes ago, Melanie Butler said:

Hi Ian,

Thanks for your reply. How do I find out what the land is classed as? Does it affect it that the land is on a flood zone 3 for class q? 



It would be the last legal use. 

Often it is agricultural, unless planning is in place to change the use.

Have a look on the local authority website to see if  there is any planning. Should be able to find this within the Planning section. 

The flood risk will make matters rather difficult (sorry missed that in the original post).  The issue with barns is that there is usually not an upstairs for people to seek refuge. 

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