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Welcome to the Planning Geek Forums!!

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Following a couple of months testing, I am now ready to open the forums to everyone!

The Facebook Group will remain, but not everyone is on Facebook!

You can join the forums and indeed the site for free.

Please note that your first couple of posts/replies will be subject to moderation. Then you will automatically become a full member. This is to prevent any spammers automatically posting.

We also have a couple of paid tiers. 

Anonymous Posts

Whilst we do not encourage anonymous posts, we do appreciate that some people may wish to login and post anonymously. This option will cost £5 per month. This nominal cost covers the additional work involved behind the scenes to ensure that the option is not abused by spammers. You can always return to the free tier at any time or upgrade to the Premium Members.

Gold Members

Whilst this does cost £25 per month I will be offering potential savings from insurance, software, finance and much more which will far exceed the £25 per month. This will be rolled out over the next week or three. Don't worry you can always upgrade at any time. 

You will also get 10% of any Planning Geek Courses - this alone will save you more than a month's fee.

Gold members will also have their own dedicated forum with premium support. 

You can sign up for the site here

By default when you join your display name is set to 'FirstName Surname' - you may update this to have a custom display name by going to this page. Please note that this might not be reflected immediately on the forums. Please allow up to a couple of hours. 

If you alter your display name or if we upgrade your account, please either wait patiently for an hour or two or to force the change straight away - log out and back in.

This may also apply if you alter your membership level.

Despite extensive testing, there are always the odd bug or two that slips through - so any issues please let me know.

Much more is planned, so watch this space!


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