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Detached Garage Conversion

Jaimie Blomqvist

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You will get conflicting information. Sadly.

First of all check to see whether the garage had full planning in the first place and if it did was there any condition that it must remain as a garage.

You can use any outbuilding for a use that is incidental to the main dwelling.

Whilst many might say a bedroom is fine, the planning guidance says



Paragraph E.4 of Class E indicates that purposes incidental to the enjoyment of the house includes the keeping of poultry, bees, pet animals, birds or other livestock for the domestic needs or personal enjoyment of the occupants of the house. But the rules also allow, subject to the conditions and limitations below, a large range of other buildings on land surrounding a house. Examples could include common buildings such as garden sheds, other storage buildings, garages, and garden decking as long as they can be properly be described as having a purpose incidental to the enjoyment of the house. A purpose incidental to a house would not, however, cover normal residential uses, such as separate self-contained accommodation or the use of an outbuilding for primary living accommodation such as a bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen.

So I have tended to go down the line of a change of use is required, although I also accept in many cases that the use of an out building as a bedroom is just fine.  I think what is fine is guest accommodation as this is not primary living accommodation in my personal view.  

What I will say is that I am aware of cases where the inspectorate said it was fine, after the council tried to enforce. And I am aware of councils not being worried at all about such circumstances.

I know what I would do if it was my garage. 

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