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Nil Usage on planning

Justine wimpy

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Hi There - a group of people have purchased some green belt land and want to turn this into a mosque. They have applied for retrospective planning permission and this has been rejected. they then had 6 months to apply for planning which they have failed to do. The council on the first application said the site which was a stables now has nil usage - anyone know what that means? The people that own the site have turned the stables into dwellings with windows doors etc so they are no longer stables but without any change of usage permission. They also have concealed a building under corrugated iron. This weekend they are holding a festival on the site - can anyone help with what we could do and or what does nil usage mean and is there any caveats that the owners have to abide by? Thank you The Community 

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Welcome to the forums. 

You will need to persue this with enforcement. 

Send them any evidence that you might have. 

You can also request the involvement of your elected representatives. This could well be on four levels - parish or town councillors, local authority councillors and county councillors, plus your Member of Parliament. 

I guess am email to the  members of the planning committee as well can't do any harm 

If noise is a problem, then that would be environmental health at the local authority. Do a search for noise complaint <your local authority> 

Hope that helps 


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